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Rental Policies, Procedures, Rules and Regulations

Beach Rentals of South Walton

Advance ReservationsReservations may be placed up to two (2) years in advance, but are subject to the rates in effect for that year.

Minimum NightsMost private beach homes and condominiums are rented on a "weekly only" basis during the summer season, unless otherwise specified. Some require only a 3 night minimum and others require a 5 night minimum plus a cleaning fee. There is a three (3) night minimum on rentals during all other seasons.  Any reservation for less than three (3) nights will require the addition of the cleaning fee to the rental rate.

Travel Protection - We are happy to announce we have partnered with CSA Travel Protection to provide VACATION RENTER INSURANCE for our guests.  Your purchase of this insurance - at 6.95% of the rental rate plus taxes and the reservation processing fee - will provide you with the peace of mind and the ultimate protection of your deposit should you have to cancel your reservation. **PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS INSURANCE WILL BE NON-REFUNDABLE 10 DAYS AFTER YOU HAVE PAID YOUR INITIAL ADVANCE RENTAL DEPOSIT**. While this coverage is OPTIONAL, BRSW Vacations, L.L.C. D.B.A. Beach Rentals of South Walton, does not process your cancellation refund. You will need to contact CSA Travel Protection to file your vacation renter insurance claim. Reservations can not be moved to a different date or a different location-this constitutes a cancellation. You can find a copy of the travel insurance policy on our website at www.brswvacations.com.

Advance Deposit -  Advance rental deposit is required the day of making your initial reservation, unless otherwise specified.  The initial advance rental deposit is equal to 50% of the total rental fee (excluding sales tax and LDW, security/damage deposit) plus a non-refundable processing fee of $25.00.  The charge for Vacation Renter Insurance - 6.95% of the rental rate - is also due at the time of paying the advance rent deposit.  Advance Rental Deposit Balance, including sales tax and LDW, security/damage deposit and all fees are DUE 30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL. Payment may be made by cash, travelers check, bank money order, cashier's check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).  Personal and/or Business checks will be accepted if received at least 30 days prior to your arrival. If you choose to pay a security/damage deposit rather than the LDW, it will be processed the day of your arrival and will be secured against your credit card on file with a $250.00 authorization.

LDW (Limited Damage Waver) - The Limited Damage Waiver is a $50.00 fee added to the reservation total. It covers the registered guest against any accidental damages to the unit or its contents for an amount not to exceed $2,000.00, when reported immediately. This fee eliminates the necessity for the traditional security deposits. This gives our guests a complete and total peace of mind by knowing “When accidents do happen…You are covered!” Please report any damage to the unit as soon as it occurs so that we may be able to access and/or minimize the extent of the damages. The Limited Damage Waiver is ONLY valid if the incident is reported PRIOR TO CHECK OUT. It will become void upon departure. If it is determined that the damage was not caused by accident and was the result of inappropriate action resulting in negligence, the guest is then responsible for all damages. For example, if you accidentally spill something on the carpet or bedspread this would cover the cleaning.  If you carelessly/recklessly damage something in the unit or do not report damage as it occurs, the damage will not be covered by the LDW. You may also opt to pay a $250.00 damage deposit however, should any type of damage (accidental, careless or reckless) transpire, the charge/s for repair or replacement of damages will be billed and charged to the credit card on file for your reservation.

Rules and Regulations - All guests, as well as owners, are required to conform to all rules and regulations that are provided for each property. Violators are subject to evection.

  1. Age Requirements: The individual making the reservation must be 25 years of age or older, and must occupy the rental unit the entire term of the reservation. Singles under 25 years of age are prohibited unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Restrictions may apply regarding the number of people that may accompany a parent or legal guardian. Additional restrictions may apply during peak seasons and holidays. Reservations are not made by or for anyone less than 25 years of age. Violation of this rule will result in automatic eviction and you must leave the property and will forfeit the remaining balance of rent and the security / damage deposit. Chaperone groups are prohibited. 
  2. Unit is to be left in a neat and tidy condition with no damage to the unit or its contents beyond normal wear and tear. 
  3. All dishes are to be washed and or placed into the dishwasher and all garbage removed from the premises and placed in outside receptacles. 
  4. The maximum number of guests does not exceed the number allowed. This includes all children except infants in a crib. 
  5. Furnishings are not to be removed from the property for use outside or in other properties; missing furnishings from your unit will be billed and charged to the Credit Card on file for you stay. 
  6. We have a “No Pet” policy to be observed. Pets are NOT allowed in the unit or on the premises. Non observance of this policy WILL result in immediate $250.00 pet fee, billed and charged to your credit card on file or forfeiture of you security / damage deposit. 
  7. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED.  Guests may smoke outside of the unit, but they are responsible for cleaning up and removal of cigarette butts, ashtrays, etc. Violations of this policy will result in a $250.00 fee billed and charged to your credit card on file or forfeiture of you security / damage deposit. 
  8. All keys/pool permits are to be returned to the office upon your departure. There will be a $25.00 charge per key not returned and a $50.00 charge per key card/pool permit not returned.
Cancellations - Advance Rental Deposits will be processed through CSA Travel Protection for any guests who have purchased the Vacation Rental Insurance and have to cancel due to illness or injury, accident, hurricanes, change in military orders, loss of employment. Cancellations or early departures for any reason (including weather) do not warrant any refund of rent deposit. While this coverage is OPTIONAL, BRSW Vacations LLC D.B.A Beach Rentals of South Walton, does not process your cancellation refund. You will need to contact CSA Travel Protection to file your vacations renter insurance claim. Reservations can not be moved to different dates or a different location - this constitutes a cancellation. You can find a copy of the travel insurance policy at www.vacationrentalinsurance.com.

Hurricane Policy -  In the event of a  “NAMED” Hurricane targeted for our area, and upon instructions from our local Emergency Management Office, you will be advised not to come on the date of your scheduled arrival and whether or not to come a little later for the remainder of your reservation. If you are already here, you will be advised to leave if a mandatory evacuation order is issued. We do not expect our guests to arrive for their stay or to remain until the end of their scheduled visit during an active hurricane. Full and/or partial refunds will be processed through CSA Travel Protection for all guests who purchased the Vacation Rental Insurance. While this coverage is OPTIONAL, BRSW Vacations, L.L.C. D.B.A. Beach Rentals of South Walton, does not process your refund. You will need to contact CSA Travel Protection to file your vacation renter insurance claim. No Advance Rental Deposits or Rental Balance will be refunded if you do not purchase CSA Travel Protection. Arrival - Check-in time is 4 p.m. Every effort will be made to have your unit ready on time. We appreciate your patience should the completion of your unit be unavoidably delayed. If you arrive in the area early, please call our office at 850.534.0600 to see if your unit will be ready for occupancy prior to 4 p.m. If you anticipate checking-in after 5 p.m., please notify our office in advance to arrange for after hours check-in. If you arrive after hours you must visit our office the following business day to sign your registration card. ALL GUESTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A GUEST REGISTRATION CARD.

DepartureCheck-out time is 10 a.m. We must prepare for the next arrival at 4 p.m. This includes all persons, vehicles, and luggage have vacated.

MaintenanceThe owner of this unit and the staff want everything to be just right for your arrival; therefore, we have just completed a thorough cleaning and inspection of this unit.  If you notice any pre-existing damage or needed repairs please note them and contact our office within 24 hours of check-in.  You may be responsible for any damage not reported. We do have an after hours emergency technician for *emergencies only. Non emergency needs will be handled during regular business hours. BRSW Vacations, L.L.C. D.B.A. Beach Rentals of South Walton will not be responsible for any inconvenience to the guest caused by any problems beyond our control. We offer NO compensation for temporary outages of electricity, gas, water, cable, telephone service or internet service. Outages will be reported immediately and all efforts will be made to have them restored as soon as possible. The operation and maintenance of these utilities is out of the control of BRSW Vacations, L.L.C. Please report any maintenance items so that we may respond to them as soon as possible. 
  • After hour emergencies are: 
  • There is no heat and the temperature inside your unit is below 60 degrees. 
  • A/C is not working and the outside temperature is above 85º. 
  • You smell smoke or see something on fire. Call 911 first. 
  • You have no water. 
  • Water is leaking from a broken pipe or from the ceiling. 
  • All of the plumbing is stopped up and unusable 
  • Lock Outs - all after hour lock outs will result in a $25.00 fee payable upon entry of the unit.*
    * Cash only is accepted for emergency lock outs.  

ParkingParking is limited at some properties. Please respect the rights of others and park only in your designated areas. Some properties allow only two (2) vehicles –-no boats, jet skis, trailers or RVs. Please check with us ahead of time if you plan to bring more than the allowed number of vehicles.

TelephonesUnits with telephones have long distance call blocks. All long distance charges must be charged to a credit calling card, collect or third service party.

Internet AccessSome of our units have internet access. Please inquire when placing your reservation if this is a priority item for you. Please be aware there is if you have to connect through dial-up access, each time you dial to connect, there is a $.20 charge. If you remain logged onto your dial up connection longer than 60 minutes, the charges will begin processing as per minute long distance charges. You will be responsible for any telephone charges as a result of your use.  Please contact our office for information regarding local internet service providers to avoid possible excessive telephone charges.

Heated PoolsThe use of the pool heaters is not guaranteed when the outside temperature drops below 50 degrees. The heater controls are set at approximately 82 degrees and locked to prevent tampering and unintended damage to equipment, but the weather may make it impossible to generate sufficient heat for your comfort. Heated pools are more likely to be available during early spring and late fall. Please request the use of the heated pool upon making your reservation to insure its availability. (Additional fees are required for the pool to be heated.)

Agency DisclosureBRSW Vacations, L.L.C. D.B.A. Beach Rentals of South Walton or its agents, will not be held responsible for acts of theft or vandalism or other damages to the guest’s personal property or items left in the unit.  Every effort will be made to return any items, but we assume no responsibility for such items. If items are found and you wish to have them returned, they will be sent to you at your expense.

BRSW Vacations, L.L.C. D.B.A. Beach Rentals of South Walton, reserves the right to change rental assignments. Properties are occasionally removed from our rental program on short notice due to maintenance, construction, change in ownership, or other reasons beyond our control.  Should this occur to your confirmed reservation, every effort will be made to contact you and inform you of the need to change your reservation to another comparable accommodation.  If a comparable home is not available you will have the option of selecting from available properties at the published rate or receiving a complete refund of your entire rental deposit.

BRSW Vacations, L.L.C. D.B.A. Beach Rentals of South Walton, is not responsible for errors in its website or brochure, for property changes made by owners, or for any conditions beyond our control upon arrival.

We hope you have a pleasant stay and wish to thank you for choosing a rental property managed by Beach Rentals of South Walton, - “Where you are treated like family.” If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to call us at: (850) 534-0600 or www.brswvacations.com
…See you at the beach!